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On 13th August 2013, Radio Data Technology Ltd went into Liquidation 


Product supply and support enquiries:


AMG Systems are now manufacturing RDT products!




We're sure you'll recognise the AMG Systems name - we're a leading UK manufacturer and global provider of video and communication transmission solutions designed for CCTV surveillance operations in transport, public, government and military sectors.  We also manufacture a range of 360į IP camera products under the AMG-Panogenics brand.



So please send your enquiries over to us at or call our sales office on + 44 (0)1767 600777, where we'll be happy to help you.


You can view information on all of our fibre, wireless and Ethernet transmission products at


Please contact Judd Telemetry Solutions for supply and support of VersaNet,

MiniNet and Radio Modems in telemetry, remote control or SCADA applications.


Judd Telemetry Solutions have unequalled experience in radio telemetry, instrumentation and SCADA in a wide range of industries and applications.


Email:- phone:- 01798 815046